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I just finished warf-ing all over my floor since I miss so much I am willing to not eat sweets until you come back :(. Huh, I might actually do that. I’m going to go on a suger-strike because of you, are you happy? Well don’t be.. I might not last to long since I’m a fatty :/.
To let you know, not much has changed. I’m working 3 times a week, doing literally nothing for 5 hours. And I’m not even getting payed since I’m only apprenticing.. Joy. Well everything else can pretty much be self explanatory.. Life sucks mega penis without you :( Oh and if I don’t end up living past August 12, don’t be surprised. Megan’s coming over and she says ‘she can’t leave my house with my basement in perfect condition.’ FM-motherfucking-L. Oh and she lately has an obsession with Josh Ramsay.. Fuck her, I’ve liked him since grade 6 :(. KK well I love you dearest, and I miss you so fucking much :(

ps. your hot

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“The lady was mad when I stuck my finger up the bull’s ass.”
Jacob William Hoggard (L)
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that’s basically the point of life ;)

that’s basically the point of life ;)

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I’m getting tired of updating this blog.. so i won’t update for awhile until i miss this site again
chow for now

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“So buy me the ocean And paint it with pretty stars”
Hedley - Streetfight
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His poor poor mother..

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I’m in Pink
Bianca’s in Blue.
Oh, it’s love.

I’m in Pink
Bianca’s in Blue.
Oh, it’s love.

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DAMN. i wish i was that girl that’s with Patrick

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“I’m 22. So it’s NOT illegal. ;)”
Jessy McCartney
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